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Reconditioned & Used Machine

Award Winning Bakery Equipment Supplier in Malaysia Shorten Your Production Process From 3 Hours to 15 Minutes With Our One Stop Baking Solution




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Why Over 500+ Bakery Companies Choose Us

Why We Are Different Than
Other Bakery Equipment Suppliers

A bakery equipment supplier’s main objective is to provide all of their customers with the best bakery equipment available. This can help a bakery owner save time and money, which would otherwise be spent on research and testing. The benefits of purchasing from a bakery equipment supplier go beyond the initial purchase. A reliable supplier will also offer ongoing customer service, including installation, repair, maintenance, and training.

Award & Achievement

Credentials certifications-certifications such as ISO, awards, patents etc

  1. ISO 9001 Quality Management certification
  2. The 14 th Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand 2015
  3. SME 100 Awards 2021 Fast Moving Companies
  4. Can be found around the world
  5. Collaboration (Malaysia, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Jakarta, Indonesia and other SEA countries)
  6. More than 100 customers from famous companies (Big Brand) e.g. Gardenia, Berly’s, KFC, AEON, Beryl’s, Baker’s Cottage, Bengawan Solo, BreadTalk, Genting, Kawan, Kido, Lavender, Massimo, Tan Hui Vien, Tatawa

Minimise Production Time & Labour. Premium Quality Baking Machine

Enhancement of quality (supply of machine comes from technologically advanced countries: Japan, Canada, US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, France and etc)

One-stop-providing a comprehensive solution that reduces the number of providers a buyer needs to work with

  • Cost control, ingredients, ingredients handling, pre-preparation process, baking, cooling and packaging.

Value added-other benefits to be provided in addition to what is being purchased

  • Good is not enough (We want you to achieve better cost saving, better work flow, better products and better shelf-life. New technology worth while for saving fuel / electric consumption and high efficiency)

Awards We Achieved