Box Steamer



The moist steam produced by the ultra-low-pressure secondary steam generator of this compact box type steamer is ideal for steaming cakes, and creates plump and beautiful western and oriental steamed cakes with excellent color and luster.

This fine up box steamer has a space-saving design, is flexible and easy to use, and produces satisfying, high-quality steamed cakes.


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KBP Multiprocess Sdn Bhd has been in the food manufacturing and processing industry, namely the bakery and confectionery sector, for more than 40 years.

As the leading supplier of bakery equipment, KBP has also successfully blended the unconventional method of baking with modern equipment to uphold and maintain the texture and quality of the food and confectionery.

Our range of machinery and equipment includes a full production line that consists of mixer, encrusting, make-up, oven, cooling, and packaging unit. Aside from the most advanced technology and machinery offered, KBP also renders our services in helping our clients improve and develop their food products.

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Our very own team of Research and Development division are well trained and have experiences of more than 50 years combined. We provide professional consultation and advice to clients on how to better leverage their manufacturing processes.