Rheon Cornucopia WN155

Brand & Series
Rheon Cornucopia WN155

2-Row Encrusting Machine

With our new model WN-155 Double Lane, Rheon introduces an encrusting machine to Cornucopia® Series, that combines the capacity of two machines into one space saving unit. Due to its design, WN-155 offers double capacity, simultaneous encrusting and double productivity.


High spec and high productive

High quality products up to 12,000 pieces per hour. Damage-free extruding system ensures high quality products. Further improved hygienic design; stainless cylinder, sanitary screw drive shaft, and enhanced waterproof main body.

Two belts in one row

By using the ‘two belts in one row’ option, high speed production of small products lands on the belt consistently and stably. Furthermore, since it is possible to uniquely control the up and down mechanism of the conveyor, it can encrust filled products beautifully.


Manufacturable Food


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Chocolate Chip Cookie